• As a therapist I have worked with gifted clients and families for 15 years.  As an educator, I worked with gifted students and families for 10 years.
  • I have specialized training to meet the unique counseling and therapy needs of gifted, talented, and highly creative clients.
  • I am a current member of  Other professional resources include:  CAG and NAGC, seminars with Dr. James Webb, Founder of SENG; Jerald Grobman, M.D.; Nadia Webb, Ph.D.; Linda Silverman, Ph.D.; Susan Daniels, Ph.D.; SENG webinars; and my extensive reference library.
  • In my previous career as an educator, I designed and coordinated programs for gifted students in a K-8 school district.  Teachers came from other parts of California to observe my classroom programs with differentiated instruction.
"Our interactions can be serious and philosophical or focused on practical strategies for success." 
  • I have lived with gifted family members for 34 years.
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